Web Development:
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • MariaDB, SQLite, Postgres
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Design: Crisp sense of aesthetics.
  • Architecture: Deployment scripts, information silos, and firewalling off human error.
  • Server Administration: Config, test scripts, and bulletproofing.

Linux Development:
  • Coding: PHP, Ruby, Python, C++, and shell scripting. Easily able to pick up new languages.
  • Video, Graphics, and Streaming: Imagemagick, ffmpeg, video4linux, melt, mencoder, etc.
  • Technical writing: Polished documentation and skilled copy-editing.
  • Deep appreciation for the modular nature of UNIX, and the ability to leverage that modularity towards elegant solutions.
  • Current preferred distro is Arch. Also strongly familiar with Ubuntu and Debian, and happy to learn other distros upon client request.

  • Focus: Reach for familiar technologies first; absorb new ones as necessary. KISS.
  • Efficiency: Work with what is already there unless there is good reason not to.
  • Flexibility: Accept that life is messy. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Indulge the client's whims whenever practical.
  • Autonomy: If the printer is out of paper, re-stock it. If you don't know where the paper is, find out.
  • Teamwork: If the printer's out of paper, and you see the new guy digging through the cabinets, show him where the paper is.
  • Playfulness: Just because you're programming a machine doesn't mean you have to become one. People do better work with a smile on their face.